Hedra RPG is a floating world of 4 realms, Each realm is a mixture of all animals, But whats below them, A civil life, with Anthros!!!.
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 HedraRPG: Video?

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PostSubject: HedraRPG: Video?   Thu Dec 26, 2013 9:54 pm

What? A Video!? Of Hedra!?

Yes!, We are making an Video posting it on Youtube and putting it on forums for websites. Posepro didn't need one or a picture people still viewed it.
But I have good music for one of the Videos

Video 1- Hedra: Come Join Us!- Song: T.B.U.Y.G.F.U by NIIC
Video 2- HedraRPG- Song: Acapella NIIC Cover

Only Two videos though... All we need is images and animations!

Video 2 might just be animation....
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HedraRPG: Video?
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