Hedra RPG is a floating world of 4 realms, Each realm is a mixture of all animals, But whats below them, A civil life, with Anthros!!!.
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 Rules Of Hedra RPG

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PostSubject: Rules Of Hedra RPG   Tue Dec 24, 2013 1:48 pm

Welcome to HedraRPG!
Please read all of these rules!, You don't want to be warned now do you?
1. No Godmodding, It's not allowed, it is considered UNFAIR
2. Harassment is unacceptable
3. Respect ALL STAFF
4. Problems? Contact the Moderators, Even Bigger? Contact The Owners
5. Before you RP, Your Characters MUST be accepted!. (Do not start RPing your character after you have created it, Wait for it to get accepted)
6. Keep this site PG13
7. Minimum swearing
8.Most Importantly HAVE FUN!!!

1.No Spamming
2. No Godmodding
3. You don't have to be realistic
4. Deal with the avatars you appear as, That is all I could find.
5. Respect everyone in the dream
6. If you have a Problem Whisper the desk staff or Managers of the Dream. Rulers will ONLY reply to a whisper if it is Urgent.

Now that we have gone over both the site and Dream rules, I would like to go over the Dream's System

Dream System~
The Dream System consults in whispers and the staff, It's an easy system to follow. You wont get in trouble if it's used in correctly, You will be warned that you are using it incorrectly so watch what you do.

In the dream we will have a command that will have you say

Commands for the System Pops up, It's a system to show who you can contact with problems
So let's Go over it

You say '!system'
{?} Hello, You are now using the Dream System!, What's your next command?
{?} !Managers
{?} !Rulers
{?} !Desk Staff

You say '!Managers"
{?} Here is the List of each Manager you can whisper if you have a problem.
List here

You say '!Rulers'
{?} Here is the List of each Ruler, Only Whisper them if you have a HUGE problem.
{?} SpeedWolfeh

You say '!Desk Staff'
{?} Here is the list of the Desk Staff, That you can whisper or go to the staff to speak to them about your problem!.

That's basically it, Just to figure out who you can whisper.

How do I know if they are online?
Look to see who is in the dream, Look at the list, Then look back. If they are there. Whisper them!.

There you go!.

Thank you~
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Rules Of Hedra RPG
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